Superpower #15 – Logic (Using Data)

Pragmatic marketing says be market-driven. They advocate for using objective research and analysis of data to build features based on true needs. The opposite is saying doing something because your boss thinks it's a good idea, or a key stakeholder called and asked for a feature. How do you make sure your product is market driven? I …

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Superpower #13 – Wisdom

Efficient and Useless Product owners are responsible for much of what gets done on an agile team - from defining to prioritize the order of stories, we have "great power"...and you know what that means...yes, Spiderman, "great responsibility". In Charles Duhigg's new bestseller "Smarter, Faster, Better," he talks about how the corporate world's famed SMART …

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Super Power #10 – Controlling the Tides

Part of your work as a PO means controlling the tides, or rather, controlling the waves.  You need three waves to get your users' attention... Picture your sponsors laying on their metaphorical beach and casually considering the features you completed in the last sprint.  Are they really engaged or do they just want to get …

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