Superpower #14 – I am Groot (Story Writing)

I am Groot ...but we'll get back to that. Today we're talking about CREATION…of stories. You might have read my post on the Zealot Tree, so you know I lean toward a practical "do what works" agile, though I think the Agile Manifesto is something you should try to follow. HOWEVER, I love standards and …

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Superpower #13 – Wisdom

Efficient and Useless Product owners are responsible for much of what gets done on an agile team - from defining to prioritize the order of stories, we have "great power"...and you know what that means...yes, Spiderman, "great responsibility". In Charles Duhigg's new bestseller "Smarter, Faster, Better," he talks about how the corporate world's famed SMART …

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