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Who Am I Now? (2017)

I have been on a long road since I originally created this blog in 2010. I still read dozens of books every year, though I have expanded from development and user-centered design, to broader leadership, strategy, and topics around self-awareness/mindfulness. (I still like a good sci-fi or history book too).

I have also matured my skills in some areas – I produced an iOS app a few years back, became webmaster for my kids’ preschool, became a reasonably competent illustrator (paper and some digital), and produce motion graphics – mainly for large communication efforts at work.

I’m still a product guy by “vocation” but I currently work in a business unit, managing analysis for major technology efforts in Investment Operations.

Older. Hopefully wiser. Wish I was funnier. And still ready to rock and roll.

Original bio (May 2010)

I am the chief product owner for three teams of developers at a financial company (and a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) for whatever that’s worth).  We practice a mostly scrum-flavored version of agile development as we build investment, research, and collaboration apps for portfolio managers and research analysts.  I have a particular interest in usability and in making sure our team is excited about what they do.

I am passionate about whatever it is that I am doing and believe that individuals can change the world (even though that was supposed to be beaten out of me before I got to my thirties).

Why am I a product owner?  I worked in the financial business for about eight years, but never really fit the mold of a ‘finance guy.’  I was always involved in IT projects and ultimately realized I would have a lot more fun doing that full-time.  It’s the perfect mix of two things I love.

I became a PO when we adopted agile practices and then was elevated to the chief (aka ‘uber’) product owner role when we restructured/downsized the organization in the market craziness of 2008.

Now I am working hard to help the entire team of POs become super heroes so we can change our department, change IT in our company, and change the world.  (I like to think big).


One thought on “About Me

  1. Dorie

    Hi Jonathan! Thank you for your blog. I transitioned into product from a sales role last fall and your blog has been inspirational.

    Hope you continue with your posts soon!!


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