Real story mapping!

Ok so this is just a quick note to say I am excited about a story mapping session coming this week.  Normally I don't broadcast thoughts like this but (a) I wanted to let you know I'm still alive and (b) this is significant in my organization. My users are executive level and we have …

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Super Power #8 – Quick Draw

So about that survey last was um, really the one of you who took uh, if that one person is reading this? Just remember what you entered, k? And I’m just gonna let that slip away and NOT put up another survey...maybe ever. Sorry ‘bout that. THIS week though, we’re doin’ a …

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Super Power #4 – Scope Negotiation

So you are kicking butt on your first project and have completed about half the original scope, plus 25% more because of constant adjustments and additions. That is fantastic and it is what agile is all about for the end user – constant inspection and adaptation that results in better software. Unfortunately, this means that, …

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